Interior designers are made to speak volumes in the minds of its viewers, this is what we call visual communication. A designers true worth and level of creativity solely depends on how well they master the art of visual communication.

Artistically-inspired renderings and creative design presentation boards will help you bring your business' true potential to the table. Take advantage of our services along with our courses and bring your design projects to life.




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I am an architectural illustrator who works with interior designers to capture their visual ideas through hand rendered drawings and
creative presentation boards.

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To be a successful interior designer one has to have multiple qualities including good ideas, a way to realize them, and a way to present and sell them.

My goal is to help you learn the basic techniques of hand rendering and sketching and apply those to your client presentation boards in a creative way so you can sell your design proposal.

what i do:

interior designer
architectural illustrator
online educator



This course will teach you step-by-step processes for basic sketching techniques such as line, shapes, and perspective that you can easily master. You will be able to quickly freehand sketch interior spaces, furniture, lighting, people, floor plans, exterior buildings and more. This course will allow you to enhance your hand sketching skills and set you apart from other interior designers in your field.

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sketching course

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This step-by-step guide includes illustrations and detailed instructions on how to hand render each item in a modern bathroom. Each illustration is simple and easy to understand as one builds on the next making the lesson easily accessible to the visual learner.


Hand rendering course

a step-by-step guide for

hand rendering a

This step-by-step mini course includes illustrations, a video, and detailed instructions on how to hand render an abstract tree.  This free mini course is simple and easy to understand making the lesson easily accessible to the visual learner.


Hand rendering course

a step-by-step guide for

hand rendering an

A blueprint for creating KILLER flat lays to enhance your interior design presentation boards. This course is about implementing better ways to construct your presentation boards that tell a story of your design ideas so your client proposals will be clear and concise.

Stay in touch, course is coming in 2020!

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Presentation building course

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